James Simon
James Simon Sculptures

Vallauris, France- Renaissance Man

The "Renaissance Man" Permanent installation, unveiled during the 2012 Vallauris Biennale Internationale De Ceramique D'Art. The sculpture was created for the city of Vallauris, France in Collaboration with "AIR Vallauris" artist and residency program. Approvals and blessings were received from the cities mayor, architects, and historical committees. The ceramic relief sculpture stands 10 feet tall and is glazed with traditional Japanese high fire glazes. The "Renaissance Man" is a man playing both accordion and football with his dog along for the ride-Themes relatable to both the local and national culture.French poetry patches embellish his pants. Located in a beautiful historic square two blocks from where Picasso and Chagall worked at (Madoura) in the 50's.
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