James Simon
James Simon Sculptures

The Book Bench

The Book Bench is a sculptural bench with decorative relief sculpture and an open book serving as the benches back. The book is created in clay and cast in concrete by artist James Simon.The Books open two faces give an excellent pallet to feature the work of local, national, and international artists. The book features a painting, illustration, or photograph on one exposed page, and a story or poem on the otherThe book serves as a cultural and educational element for the community; highlighting and celebrating a variety of  local and national artists. It also serves as imaginative fun seating. The pages text and art can change every  6 months giving a rotating art installation that keeps everything fresh, unpredictable, and exciting for the general public.This bench just installed- (located on Fifth Ave in the Uptown Neighborhood of Pgh) has a poem by Pittsburgh based poet Yona Harvey -the poem is about Pittsburgh born Mary Lu Williams  -a famous jazz pianist and composer -the painting is a portrait of Williams by painter Luis Valui of Mexico