James Simon
James Simon Sculptures

Gateway Sculptures, Perry Harvey Park, Tampa, Fl

"James Simon has created some amazing gateway sculptures for the Perry Harvey Sr. Park"  ~ Mayor of Tampa Florida,  Bob Buckhorn,  Feb, 3rd 2016

The gateway sculptures to the Perry Harvey Park, pay homage to the musical history of the Perry Harvey community. A community where many important musicians and civil rights leaders lived. Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald both lived there in their early lives. Commissioned by the city of Tampa's  Tampa Public Art organization, in collaboration with many entities. The park has been renovated and rebuilt, and includes work by other artists who also pay homage to the communities history. My sculptures were created in clay and cast in concrete with colors and sealers. The stand up lamp shades were cut out of steel with lasers.There are two 16' musicians, two 9' dancers, a juke box, three standup lights, and two pretty big dogs.