James Simon
James Simon Sculptures

Penguins Hilltops



44 penguins being created for the Hill Tops community of Pittsburgh. 

We share our community with nature. Nature shares her community with us.

The Penguins represent many beautiful aspects of life, and can remind us of our often forgotten connection to nature. Penguins understand the fragility of life and the importance of a healthy environment.

Penguins are all about community, sharing, survival, friendship, loyalty, responsibility, discipline, the greater good, dedication, living harmoniously, sacrifice, and grace

A Hilltop Waddle is a temporary public art project by artist James Simon in collaboration with the South Hilltop Men’s Group. The project includes various groupings of penguins that will be installed and displayed in selected spots across Hilltop neighborhoods of Allentown, Beltzhoover and Knoxville. Each penguin is custom made with his or her own unique personality. 

Neighborhood Allies and the Office of Public Art's Temporary Public Art and Placemaking Program is a series of six temporary works of public art in each of Neighborhood Allies' target neighborhoods, which are the Hilltop, Homewood, Larimer, Millvale. Wilkinsburg, and the Hill District. It serves to reduce the challenges of blight, harness creative cultural potential, and help reenergize and reshape how residents imagine their neighborhoods.